Watanabe Camera Obscura (San Francisco, CA) xsm wm

I know it isn’t 2017.  The book didn’t arrive until December, the holidays happened, 2018 started and then BOOM it’s August!


People may not realize that in between the weddings, family portraits and headshots, I try to continue on with personal work.  My background is in black and white film photography and commercial photography was purely accidental.  While I don’t shoot for myself often, I try to find time.


I haven’t submitted to a photography competition since I was in school.  My photography professor always encouraged me to submit work to competitions. So after 9 years, I decided to send off a few…just to see.  To my surprise one of my images was chosen as a finalist for black and white photography.  And an even bigger surprise was seeing that I was selected along side of my photography professor!  The very professor that suggested I continue with photography even though I swore to her that I just wanted to take one class to try film photography.  After a year of fighting her off and promising to take just one more class, I ended up with a degree in photography.  And after another few years of stating that I am not a photographer…well here I am!


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